CITIZEN Professional Crono „Aviator“ Eco Drive REF. CA0693 – 2019

CITIZEN Professional Crono „Aviator“ Eco Drive
REF. CA0693 – 2019

In DIM Sunset Mode, the face behaves like DIM off during the day.
Exact switching between day and night, only in night mode with Color.
Manual and real compass function. (Real compass function not on Samsung Gear S3).

Made with Photoshop, encoded in WatchMaker.
Have fun with this new Face.


  • Function with Display unlock
  • Tap 30 = Display unlock / lock Tap function
  • Tap Center for zoom, twice for extra zoom
  • Tap 15  = adjust face brightness
  • Tap 45  = move hands to 3 oclock for chrono
  • Tap 60 = DIM mode off / on / sunset on
  • Tap upper sub dial to start/stop Chronograph, double Tap for reset.
  • Tap 05 = Compass  Bezel turns towards east
  • Tap 55 = Compass Bezel turns towards west
  • Tap 25 = switch to real Compass function
  • Permanent battery indicator in the sub dial.
  • UCOLOR for DIM mode, AOD w/o ucolor.








How to use this file:

  1. Download WatchMaker App from Google Play Store directly by clicking on the image below these steps.
  2. Install the Watchmaker Companion App available on Samsung Gear Store.
  3. Read the WatchMaker help section to know more about how to use the app and it's benefits over the Samsung GWD watch faces.
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