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  • Crashpilot Cockpit One Complication Astro Navigator

      Siderial time, yearly calendar marker, counter-rotating star wheel, bezel-compass, 24h marker and astronomical navigation. 4 star-wheels included with two different styles covering both northern and southern hemispheres (north installed). Yellow hand shows local right ascension on yellow number circle, yellow triangle indicates battery level. Star wheel may require initial adjustment for your home longitude. […]

    Crashpilot Cockpit One Le Monstre Complication

      Smooth and fast gear action! Integrated moving parts, gyro compass, sweeping-hand chrono, battery level, moon phase, time zones 1+2 (UTC), 24h marker and full date. The complicated monster. Modern facelift for a Swiss classic. Multi-function co-axial analog displays and digital date for better readability. See your local watchmaker for repairs!