Fiat 500 Terra Cielo Mare

Here is the other Fiat 500 from Terra Cielo Mare they have another one as well with a chrono. It includes a few other italian companies on the bottom logo to tap into. Hence the name of this one Italian Horsepower. For now we have Fiat, Lambo, Ferrari, Lotus, Massa and my favorite Vespa, okay that hardly counts its not a car but its included. You can also tap into a brown background wood texture incase you have brown attire and straps, and also into a black leather texture incase that fits better along the white you see in the image below that’s very close to the original the bezel is a bit over rounded looking at it now. It has dynamic shadows on the hands meaning the one you don’t see in the image (hours) at 10 clock just happen to be behind the hand here in the image but its there. Metal backplate made in ps instead of plain white, and also swapped the middle grey date hole for yellow to insinuate a traffic light to the green and red one the OG has. When the seconds go by it the get lit up like a traffic light.






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