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    Recently, many companies have switched to artificial intelligence, it greatly simplifies the work and makes great progress in the business processes of each enterprise. Our company is modern and we would like to increase interest in our services by improving the quality of services provided. I think that the introduction of AI should help us in this task. What do you say about this?


    Artificial Intelligence? This is a great idea, it will help you solve any task, problem or problem. You will cope with everything much faster.

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    Several robots with artificial intelligence have already been introduced at our plant, it’s good for the enterprise that the work went 2-3 times faster and most importantly there is no marriage, and those people who were replaced by robots were distributed to different places, I think that layoffs will begin.


    Well, if you consider yourself a modern company, then I don’t understand why you haven’t implemented AI yet? The company where I work did this 3 years ago, they turned to specialists https://data-science-ua.com/recruiting/for-companies/hire-ai-developers/ who introduced AI into production and now everything is much more convenient and easier. (And by the way, no one was fired after that, we just began to do other work, which is more necessary than what AI can handle).


    It seems to me that artificial intelligence is not such an important function in business. This is of course very good, but you can do without it. It is better to engage in competent promotion, that is, to find a marketer, or independently promote your services and products


    AI Development is really a good thing that will come in future, But without involvement of human intelligence it didn’t seems to perfect.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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