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    The home building industry, despite economies and cycles, has professionals at every level and in every trade. These are the people that will make your home building dreams a reality. Even as your own builder.

    Question: How much experience do you need to be a successful owner builder?

    Answer: A successful Home Owner Builder knows how to get the best help available. A successful owner builder realizes that building or remodeling requires great management skills, a step-by-step process to implement, and the focus to carry out the plan.

    Experience in building is not necessary! Owner builders hire help that provides what they lack. There’s one big secret you should know.

    My advice to most people who want to manage their own remodeling or building project is to hire a qualified, experienced Home Building Coach. This one piece of advice is the most important step you can take. That’s the secret.

    With this kind of help, you can be successful if you:

    Are committed to following proven systems
    Learn all you can about the building process
    Prepare and plan well
    Stick to your plans and avoid making changes along the way
    It’s simply not necessary to be a DIY builder. While providing your own labor can save extra money, it is not what makes you an “Owner Builder”. Building is an exercise in management and processes.

    Building Professionals are Available

    If your project includes building walls, foundations, adding rooms and building a roof … or any one of these, chances are good you need building professionals to help. They are available. Your Home Building Coach will help you find the good ones.

    Use licensed trade professionals. Manage the process with your experienced coach and create the home of your dreams!


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