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    First of all you need to Download & Install FACER App

    Once you’ve Facer on your Mobile Phone it’ll be really easy. Just follow those steps :

    1. From your Phone go to
    2. Choose the watchface you like from the “Gear S2/S3” Category & Download it to your phone.
    3. The face you downloaded will open directly on Facer App

    I bought the Premium app on google play store…Now the app is useless to me because Samsung apps dont accept my credit card ..the same credit card registered with google play…i have 12 faces that i bought and can not download the companion.
    There is any other way to buy the companion app?
    Without it everything is useless.
    Thank you

    Minima consectetur

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    Where does the Facer-App store the *.face files?
    I cannot find them in no folder of my mobile.
    Not the ones created by myself and not the ones imported from others.
    Am I blind or is there a trick?



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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