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    Gone are the days when you could easily manipulate the search engine results with spammy inbound links and keyword rich anchor text. Today it is the quality and not the quantity of content that decides whether you will be ranked high or low in the search engines results. Now, it is commonly seen that search engines remove content from search results which do not meet this criterion.

    A successful link building strategy does not involve manipulation; rather it involves publication of quality content which acts as a magnet and attracts inbound links. So along with building a site, you also have to secure valuable inbound links. Being one of the leading SEO Companies, we understand what it takes to create and execute a successful link-building campaign.

    Given below are some of the important points which will help your site attract valuable inbound links organically.

    Quality Content

    Let us start with the basics – Things which give a solid foundation to your website. Content is one of the most important things, which plays a vital role in your link-building campaign. Often site owners do not pay much importance to content strategy and thereby publish average or low quality content. This kind of content not only repels inbound links but also has a negative effect on your brand. Thus it is highly advisable to publish content which are unique and add value to your site. Adding videos, in-depth research articles as well as infographics will surely earn your website inbound links. Also having an efficient content strategy is like building a strong foundation for your link-building campaign. Along with attracting inbound links, it will add credibility and increase the conversion rate.

    Anchor Text Best Practices

    One important element to earn inbound links is through anchor text. On one hand anchor texts help establish topical relevance of the linked page, on the other hand if there is an over use of keyword rich anchor text then Google will regard it as manipulative. Thus always go for value-adding, relevant and natural anchor texts.

    Guest Blogging

    This is one of the very few strategies which help you build links by just being proactive rather than adding content to your site and waiting for it to attract inbound links. Along with link-building, guest blogging provides you with the prospect of aligning your brand with authoritative publishers and gain access to new audience.

    Measure your Efforts

    One must always keep measuring the efforts they put into link-building from time to time. You can do this through several tools which give you a picture of the value you bring to the web as well as your website through your links. Some of the most popular tools are

    1. Google Webmaster Tools

    2. Google Analytics

    3. Screaming Frog

    4. Majestic SEO

    It is for you to choose between free tools or pay for it. At the end you must be able to gauge the performance of your link-building campaign. This will not only show where you stand, but will also help you do the needful improvements.

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