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    Hello, I’m into computer games, and even developed a couple of my own simple games like snake or tetris. But of course I would like to develop something cooler than ordinary puzzles. I’m looking for developers who make good games.


    I have an idea in my head that is not an ordinary game – which I want to bring to life, I am currently working on this game, mainly learning graphics programming, it is so difficult that I temporarily abandoned this business. The guys say that there are such servers that help with the creation of any game, of course for money, now I am looking for such programmers, I hope that they exist…


    It’s good that you have such a hobby as making games. So you have skills. Of course, to create cool games, you need not one person, but a whole team in which everyone makes a separate element for the game.


    Now there are a huge number of cool games and it is very difficult to make a really good game. And even more so, it is simply impossible to develop a game alone, for this you need a team of developers Try to contact the best specialists in the field of game development.


    Computer games are created by entire corporations that specialize in this and a lot of money and a lot of man hours are allocated for one game. Now it is not possible for one person to create a game that could compete in the gaming market. Just to prove to yourself that you can.


    Or maybe if you have tried and succeeded in developing a game yourself, you will try to develop further in this direction and come up with something of your own? If you don’t want to develop on your own so much, then you contact some company where competent specialists will help you determine the plot, concept and everything else, then they will implement your idea


    In the forums I have found, the play snake has good ideas for people to entertain and find interesting things.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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