How to install WatchMaker Companion App for syncing the app with Samsung Gear S2

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    The companion app is now available on the Samsung Galaxy App store. Requires WatchMaker 4.0.0 on phone.
    For the Samsung Gear S2/S3 Users, please check the following to enjoy WatchMaker :
    1) Download “WatchMaker” app from Google Play Store – minimum WatchMaker 4.0.0 (free or premium)
    2) Connect your Gear S2/S3 with your smartphone through “Samsung Gear” app
    3) Make sure bluetooth is turned on for both your phone and smartwatch
    4) Download “WatchMaker Companion for Gear S2 & S3” app from the Samsung Galaxy App Store (search for ‘WatchMaker’)
    5) Long press on your Gear S2/S3 smartwatch and scroll to select WatchMaker as your watchface
    6) Load the .Watch watchfaces to your phone
    7) From the watchmaker app click on the arrow icon on top right hand corner to select and load the watchfaces you have on your phone.
    8) Once the watchface is loaded it will show in “My Watches” Tab
    9) Click on any of the watches you loaded to be able to interact with the watcface before loading it to your watch and even do some cutomization if you want and the watchface is not locked.
    10) Click the green button “Set Watchface” under the watchface which you selected to send to your watch.
    11) Welcome to WatchMaker! Enjoy our beautiful watchfaces
    Hint: double tap any empty area of a watch face to select other watches.

    Many thanks to all our testers and look out for many more updates coming very soon!


    I Bought the watchmaker premium in google play store…Now samsung apps dont accept my credit card and i am not able to download the companion..been in a loop for 2 days now.
    Without the companion watchmaker premium is useless as i can not transfer faces to my gear s3.
    There is any way i can buy the companion not being trough samsung galaxy apps?
    Thanks in advance for any help ypu can give me


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