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    First of all you need to BUY WATCHMAKER. or Try the Free Version before buying the App.

    Once you have installed WatchMaker on your Mobile Phone it’ll be really easy. Just follow these steps :

    1. From your Phone go to
    2. Choose the watchface you like from the “WatchFace App” Category & Download it to your phone.
    3. The face you downloaded will open directly on Watchmaker App



    I have followed all of the instructions, upgraded to the Premium version and cannot get ANY watch faces to load on my gear S3. The WATHMAKER app flashes a ‘Downloading’ message for about 2 second and disappears, and then nothing. The watch faces I try to load are not available on my phone, and obviously are not available on my watch.

    I have also downloaded the watchfaces to my computer, emailed them to myself so I can open them on my phone, and the same thing happens. I open the attachment, and it then opens the WATCHFACES app, it flashes the downloading message… and then again nothing.

    This is frustrating, and if I cannot get this working today will be working with Google to get my money back.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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