Please help. Cannot install watch face to Gear S3 via Gear Watch Designer.

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    Hi everybody,

    I am kinda new for Samsung Gear and I have a problem to ask for help.
    I had downloaded the Rolex Submariner watch face from this website and tried to install it via Samsung Watch Designer on Window.
    However, even though I followed the procedures, I cannot install it to my Gear S3.
    The program keep requesting me a Distributor Certification in which I have already registered.
    Every time I select “Run on Device” trying to install it to my Gear, the program will ask for a Distributor Cert. And, after I follow the prompt signing in to get cert., the progress status disappear and nothing happens at all. I would like to ask for a suggestion if there is anything else that I can do to get through this issue.

    My devices:
    – Gear S3 pair with iPhone with latest firmwares
    – Samsung Gear Watch Designer V.1.3.0_Beta Build id:161212
    – Face: Submariner Multi Face Day/Night & Rolex Milgauss Multi Colour Faces (Both not work)



    Hi !

    Once you have your Distributor Certification, you are all set.
    But there’s a twist : Don’t forget to click the Build button near the button to test it on your Gear S3.

    You will be ask to enter a password (put there whatever you want) and you can specify a version number if you want and change the name of the face.

    Then you click Build and then you can send it to your watch.

    Sometimes GWD ask you to build your Watch and sometimes not.
    Always build before you test and you’ll be fine !


    If this is your first use with GWD, you have to click the BUILD button (looks like a small wrench in a dotted circle on the top right of GWD)

    Once you build it, (first time only) you have to click BROWSE and find your certificate file for distribution. (You should only have to do this once)

    Enter your password

    Click BUILD on the bottom.

    Your watch cannot be connected to bluetooth or it will not connect to WIFI. Your watch needs to be on the same wifi network as whatever PC you are using GWD on.

    Once both devices are on the same network use F9 or click the “Run on Device” button on the top right that looks like a watch with a PLAY button on it.

    This will open the IP scan until it finds your watch. Once your watch appears, double click it and the information will build and send to your gear.

    Then you’re done.



    I’ve got the same problem/question. When I try to upload at 61% GWD reply’s with:
    * The device has not yet registered and I need to get a Distributor certificate (which I did in the previous step, as mentioned above)
    * Existing tpk is not valid for this device. Rebuild the tpk an dtry again. (after I rebuild, I will receive the first reply again)

    Please help 🙂



    I got the watchface on to my S3 successfully, but it won’t load on the phone for some reason…


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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