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    There is now a filter / search in the sidebar so you can search on name and file type.

    Also there is a filter on all categories, tags an frontpage 😀


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    Dynamic filters (DF) are the pride of our team and the highlight of smart search Multisearch. With the help of this functionality, during a search query, lists of products or filters with values ​​are formed instantly. The value of this functionality lies in its usefulness for the store and the complexity of self-implementation. To customize DF, you need to be able to implement filters for different product groups from different categories. This is especially difficult for online stores that offer a variety of products – clothing, household appliances, jewelry, toys, etc. Here the developer needs to take into account that:

    goods can have completely different properties;
    certain goods have no properties;
    some goods for a certain property fit different values. For example, in the search, you can limit the product group for the query “moisture”. And then use filters for a more accurate search for products from the categories “creams”, “varnishes”, “lipsticks” and others in the search results.


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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