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    The goal of any startup associated with the development of a fully functional product is to offer the user a tool to solve their problem. Therefore, even before the project is launched, it is important to understand whether the audience needs this new product. How can this be done?


    This can be done with mvp development services using their advice and development. Thanks to the data obtained during such an experiment, you continue to work on the product, adjusting it, or, in the case of lack of interest of the audience, stop further development. Coming to the realization that the product is not interesting for the audience, having spent a lot of effort and money on its development is not the best development scenario. By using the MVP concept, the risks can be minimized.


    Here I completely agree with the user above. Running an MVP allows you to get feedback from real users and understand if the product is really interesting to the audience and what they need right now.


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    Hi, Maxxx17! I think the best option is to show the target audience a PowerPoint presentation in which you can demonstrate the advantages and strengths of your product. And you can create such a presentation with the help of a quality service in which the best professionals work. They will be able to work out the design and content for your presentation in a short time.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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