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    Ahmad Shalaby

    Discussion Question:
    Want to know Users opinion on the Samsung Gear Watch Designer App & Watchfaces


    I like the selection of watch faces but the annoying factor is when GWD says the brightness is too high and I don’t know how to change it so the face I have downloaded can’t be used.


    tried facer, watchmaker and GWD….

    All got pros and cons, but like GWD the best, hoping missing parts will be added soon. espacially the check about brightness and burn in deakodude doesn’t like I consider a pro since I don’t want burn ins. Just dim it or even better construct a complete new “Dim face”.
    Like the possibility to change displays in Watchmaker but needs a PC-Construction side.


    It’s really good, but needs more options added.

    They need to allow or add more weather images that update with weather
    now speaking of weather, once you add the API it kills the steps and heart rate and some others, they need to allow a double path so we can add more options to the face.

    They also need to figure out a way for toggle, for instance how to handle both 24 and 12 hour on one face.

    I’ve used all three, the Samsung Designer needs much work, it’s tougher to learn, but in the end I feel it will do more. Facer is not my favorite, but does a lot.
    Watchmaker is fantastic once you lean LUA and use load scripts.

    just my 2cents!


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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