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    Ahmad Shalaby

    Discussion Question:
    1. Want to know Users opinion on this website after several days of using
    2. What are the Users opinion on this website
    3. What are users issues about this website


    After using for a week I am not surprised I keep returning great selection.The website itself is easy to use.No issues at all with it.


    Like the Side a lot !!!!
    Got some faces, posted some faces…
    Only one suggestion to improve… Give the possibility for at least two pictures … Normal and Dim (Always on) mode….


    You can upload images to the “about the watchface” field. There is a full editor there now.


    Although I agree that the owner of the site can be a little more open about where he gets the files and the author name at least, there’s absolutely no malware or anything in a GWD file or a .watch file, simply because there’s no way to implement that in these types of files : GWD and .watch files are simply rebranded zip containers with images, fonts and xml files nothing more !



    First of all, hands den this is the best watch face site around so kudos to you and your developers.

    However, I do have a question.

    Was there a particular reason in using coinhive for the download captca? It’s super slow and kills my battery and data. I downloaded like 5 watch faces which were small in size aND the browser racked up over 200mb of data. I know this because I had to use chrome on my phone as it was faster.

    I loved this site because I could download the faces and send them directly to my watch via Watchmaker.

    Does anyone else have issues with coinhive? Is there any other options?


    we tried coinhive to see if it was a better solution than ads. which it was not and it is removed from now on.


    Been using the site for a couple of months now and great job guys it’s a excellent resource for quality watch faces, I’ve found no better alternative so big thumbs up.

    Only addition I would really like to see implemented is a members rating system for faces. I think to be a able to search by rating would make it a lot easier to find the quality faces I’m personally after.

    Hey maybe I’m missing a trick so if there’s anything like that already please let me know.

    Overall though it’s a great website and please keep it up.

    Mrp ๐Ÿ˜Ž


    I really like this site, a lot of Beautiful Faces.

    But as an IPhone – User, iยดm not able to install the Faces to Watchmaker.
    I prefer a link to a .watch file and not a zip file, or a link where i can download the watchface directly from watchmaker.
    How it will work.
    – open the watchface at watchmaker
    – select “Export/share watch”
    – select “Export normal”
    – copy the link you will see
    – post the link together with the watchface

    This will work for the Watchmaker App on IPhone.

    Please help me to download all the watchfaces


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    Interesting site! Thanks for the review of everyone who commented.


    Is there an issue with the Premium link on the main menu? Says page not found.

    Mrp ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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