Rebel Yell

This one is my favorite and the one I regularly use, its another one of my rednecky south-western style designs with a south westerny\military-ish\Native American type of index on a wooden background (with some bullet holes in it if you look closely) and kind of golden\wooden hands with a Longhorn skull logo. Its both old school analog and new fangled digital with indicators for both heartbeat, battery level, and steps moved. Double-tapping upper side will bring up the S-Health steps app, double tapping lower will bring up calendar/schedule app, double tapping the left will bring up S-Health/Heart Rate app, double tapping the right will bring up Battery Status and double tapping the center will bring up the timer app.


How to use this file:

  1. Download Gear Watch Designer from Samsung Developers directly by clicking on the image below these steps.
  2. Read the Gear Watch Designer help section to know more about how to use the files and it's benefits.
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