Christiaan Van Der Klaauw Retro Moon


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3 thoughts on “Christiaan Van Der Klaauw Retro Moon

  1. seems the moon phases is out of phase. Today is full moon, but watch face shows it’s already past that

  2. I found at least one problem in the script for calculating the JD.

    function on_second()
    var_s_MoonPhaseRatio = ((JD({dd},{dn},{dyy})-2457131.289583)%29.530588853)/29.530588853

    — julian date
    function JD(m,d,y) <—– this should read: function JD(m,d,y)

    this explains mostly why the moon is out of phase
    If you know who the creator is, please forward this info as I cannot find the watch on the watchmaker site

    • oops, I made the error not to check the comment before posting:
      function JD(m,d,y) <—– this should read: function JD(d,m,y) <– d,m,y not m,d,y !

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