Rolex Explorer II (lumen)

Luminescence runs from 19 to 5.

Gyroscopic light effect.



How to use this file:

  1. Download Gear Watch Designer from Samsung Developers directly by clicking on the image below these steps.
  2. Read the Gear Watch Designer help section to know more about how to use the files and it's benefits.
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11 thoughts on “Rolex Explorer II (lumen)

  1. Thanks for your great effort, very nice watch face. But how to disable the Luminescence runs from 19 to 5.

    • Verify that you have the latest version of Gear Watch Designer (1.4.1). Then, redownload the watchface and you’ll see that’s fine.
      If you have the old version, the downloaded file is corrupted!

    • Try updating using “Samsung Watch Gear Designer” PC application.

      If not possible .. let me what exactly you want to do with the GMT Dial and I will notify the watch designer to make upload version #2 of this face with the changes you required.

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