Submariner Multi Face Day/Night

Submariner Multi Face Day/Nigh


How to use this file:

  1. Download Gear Watch Designer from Samsung Developers directly by clicking on the image below these steps.
  2. Read the Gear Watch Designer help section to know more about how to use the files and it's benefits.
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13 thoughts on “Submariner Multi Face Day/Night

  1. How do you change the color and types of the watchface? I only could get one type/color.

    Thank you so much

    • Works for me. Tap the face to change colors. I hate the night mode (couldn’t figure out how to disable it) so I edited the face with GWD to remove the stupid “glow in the dark” feature.

  2. Getting “Pixel ration of Always On state is too high….no more than 15% is allowed”. How do i fix this?

    • Nevermind, I figured it out. 🙂
      1. Clicked on Always On State
      2. Checked High Color
      3. Clicked on Remove

  3. Thanks for the great Watch Face. Exactly what I am looking for.
    I just want the black face. How do I delete away the rest of the colours?
    Thanks again

  4. Hi Love the watch face i am trying to make one for my fit 2 pro with one image in the day and a different image at night can you please point me in the right direction Thanks !!

    • Adding different images to the watchface can be easily done using watchmaker app

      Gear fit 2 Pro faces are only designed using Samsung Gear Watch Designer Software on the PC

      check the full manual on this link

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