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How to use this file:

  1. Download Gear Watch Designer from Samsung Developers directly by clicking on the image below these steps.
  2. Read the Gear Watch Designer help section to know more about how to use the files and it's benefits.
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13 thoughts on “TAG HEUER CONNECTED

    • Yes, I can also upload it on Gear Watchdesigner (PC). But I can’t build tpk out of the corresponding gwd-file. I receive the Message:”You need to have Author certification to build tpk. Do you want to request it now?” Without a Tizen Author certificate I can’t proceed anything….

      • You can also just use the Watchland app to push the GWD watch face directly from your phone. No need for a PC.

  1. How to get on Gear S2 device without distributor / author certificate?
    No way to request one of both via GEAR WATCHDESIGNER…

  2. Hello,
    in the .gwd-File are also the “simple” watchfaces without chrono – is there a way to use them? I can’t switch in the gear – actually i have to create a scond one with the simple backgrounds in blue and black.

  3. Hi Alex,
    Simple faces were included but not are not used.
    Like you, I made another face with simple backgrounds. Having the backgroungs the job is very easy.

  4. I do not understand. I download the file but this is .zip. where I find the gwd file. I use gear s3 with ios and I can not download Watchland. if I open a new project of the program for samsung face I can see only folders extracted from the zip file where I can not find the file gwd. can you help me

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