Watchfaces for Android Smart Watches

Watchfaces for Android Smart Watches such as LEMFO or KW88 or FINOW, download the “Watchfaces for Android Smart Watches” from the resources page or the link below

Watchfaces for Android Smart Watches

The guide to load the watchfaces to the watch is available in the zip file

Want to see ur comments below for which watch did u download these watchfaces and if it got uploaded successfully on to the watch or no



4 thoughts on “Watchfaces for Android Smart Watches

    • thanks for the comment & would like to know the following:
      1. Did the watchface work on your android watch
      2. watch model which you applied the watchfaces to
      3. version of android installed on the watch

  1. hi, thank you so much for all faces for android watch , they work correctly, no probleme,
    please i look for watch face casio G-SHOCK yelow color , for zeblaze thor 4 plus.
    thank you

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