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  • Bremont – Mustang P-51 Chronograph “Fragile but Agile” Limited Edition 2011 (251 pieces)

    Bremont – Mustang P-51 Chronograph „Fragile but Agile“ Limited Edition 2011 (251 pieces) The limited edition Bremont P-51 builds on the interest generated by the very special EP120 Limited Edition. The P-51 is a chronograph chronometer built with original parts from the famous 1944 Mustang WWII aircraft P-51K-10 (serial number 44-12016). The dial and rotor […]

    BREMONT ALT1 – P2 JET Limited Edition 2020

    Bremont announced three new watches on March 17th, 2020: „We’re proud to unveil three new watches, the Limited Edition Bremont Project Possible, the ALT1-C Griffon and the ALT1-P2 JET. Combining the highest levels of engineering and precision with some pioneering individuals who have inspired and tested these watches, we hope you enjoy.“ 2017 marks the […]

    Bremont EP120 SPITFIRE – GMT Limited Edition 2009 (120 pieces)

    The limited edition EP120 watch is named after (and contains parts of) a famous 1942 Spitfire Mk V aircraft, which is possibly the most credited WWII fighter in existence and is now based in Duxford in Cambridgeshire. It shot down 6 German aircrafts on one day during 1942 in WWII, and the aircraft has been […]

    BREMONT ALT1-C Griffon -2020 – Military Instruments Design

    Based on the ALT1-C, the first Bremont timepiece that the Brothers ever designed, the new ALT1-C Griffon retains the core DNA from the original ALT1-C Cream, sporting an updating dial and hands. The detail on this new model also harks back to some early chronometer designs with more of a „military instrument“ feel to it. […]

    BREMONT Project Possible GMT – Limited Edition 2020

    BREMONT Project Possible GMT – Limited Edition 2020 – 2019 saw one man achieve the impossible. A challenge to summit Earth’s 14 tallest mountains, all higher than 8,000m, in less than 7 months. To celebrate this remarkable feat and the ultimate mountaineering goal, Bremont has released the Limited Edition Bremont Project Possible. Limited to only […]

    Bremont Royal Navy Fleet Air U-2/RNFAA „Wave“ GMT – Limited Edition 2015

    BREMONT FLEET AIR ARM SPECIAL EDITION WATCH To support the Fly Navy Heritage Trust, Bremont has developed a version of their U2 watch that features a blue bracelet and a blue dial with the FAA wings and a subtle FAA zigzag (Wave) engraving on the dial. This watch is a special edition for FAA members. […]

    Bremont C17 Globemaster III Limited Edition ICAO Code Utc 3in1 V2

    Bremont C-17 limited Edition „Globemaster III“, ICAO (IATA) Code 3in1 The C-17 is a limited edition of 50 pieces. This Bremont chronograph that is normally only available for pilots and crew members of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III military transport vehicle. The Bremont C-17 was based on ALT1-WT and build in Switzerland. C-17 GLOBEMASTER Bremont […]

    Bremont MW II Flying Tiger – Limited Edition 2019

    8 years on from the first Bremont x MW Michael Wong collaboration, 2019 sees the release of the MWII Flying Tiger. Designed in collaboration with Michael, the renowned actor and aviator, the Bremont MWII Flying Tiger pays tribute to the first American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force in 1941-1942, nicknamed the Flying […]

    Bremont Michael Wong – MW Heli-Chrono Limited Edition 2011

    Bremont Michael Wong – MW Heli-Chrono Limited Edition 2011 Bremont and Michael Wong first cooperation from the year 2011. The MW Heli-chrono, based on Bremont’s ALT1-P Chronograph range, adds to what is already a superlative range of aviation timepieces. It is a limited edition of only fifty and is proving to be much sought after. […]

    BREMONT HMS Victory – Limited Edition 2012

    With the blessing of the Royal Navy and the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Bremont has produced this unique watch that includes original historic parts of oak timber and copper from HMS Victory to commemorate Nelson and the ship itself. The 1765 battleship that was Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in […]