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  • Bremont – Mustang P-51 Chronograph “Fragile but Agile” Limited Edition 2011 (251 pieces)

    Bremont – Mustang P-51 Chronograph „Fragile but Agile“ Limited Edition 2011 (251 pieces) The limited edition Bremont P-51 builds on the interest generated by the very special EP120 Limited Edition. The P-51 is a chronograph chronometer built with original parts from the famous 1944 Mustang WWII aircraft P-51K-10 (serial number 44-12016). The dial and rotor […]

    BREMONT ALT1 – P2 JET Limited Edition 2020

    Bremont announced three new watches on March 17th, 2020: „We’re proud to unveil three new watches, the Limited Edition Bremont Project Possible, the ALT1-C Griffon and the ALT1-P2 JET. Combining the highest levels of engineering and precision with some pioneering individuals who have inspired and tested these watches, we hope you enjoy.“ 2017 marks the […]

    Bremont EP120 SPITFIRE – GMT Limited Edition 2009 (120 pieces)

    The limited edition EP120 watch is named after (and contains parts of) a famous 1942 Spitfire Mk V aircraft, which is possibly the most credited WWII fighter in existence and is now based in Duxford in Cambridgeshire. It shot down 6 German aircrafts on one day during 1942 in WWII, and the aircraft has been […]

    BREMONT ALT1-C Griffon -2020 – Military Instruments Design

    Based on the ALT1-C, the first Bremont timepiece that the Brothers ever designed, the new ALT1-C Griffon retains the core DNA from the original ALT1-C Cream, sporting an updating dial and hands. The detail on this new model also harks back to some early chronometer designs with more of a „military instrument“ feel to it. […]

    BREMONT Project Possible GMT – Limited Edition 2020

    BREMONT Project Possible GMT – Limited Edition 2020 – 2019 saw one man achieve the impossible. A challenge to summit Earth’s 14 tallest mountains, all higher than 8,000m, in less than 7 months. To celebrate this remarkable feat and the ultimate mountaineering goal, Bremont has released the Limited Edition Bremont Project Possible. Limited to only […]