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  • Bremont MW II Flying Tiger – Limited Edition 2019

    8 years on from the first Bremont x MW Michael Wong collaboration, 2019 sees the release of the MWII Flying Tiger. Designed in collaboration with Michael, the renowned actor and aviator, the Bremont MWII Flying Tiger pays tribute to the first American Volunteer Group (AVG) of the Chinese Air Force in 1941-1942, nicknamed the Flying […]

    Bremont Michael Wong – MW Heli-Chrono Limited Edition 2011

    Bremont Michael Wong – MW Heli-Chrono Limited Edition 2011 Bremont and Michael Wong first cooperation from the year 2011. The MW Heli-chrono, based on Bremont’s ALT1-P Chronograph range, adds to what is already a superlative range of aviation timepieces. It is a limited edition of only fifty and is proving to be much sought after. […]

    BREMONT HMS Victory – Limited Edition 2012

    With the blessing of the Royal Navy and the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Bremont has produced this unique watch that includes original historic parts of oak timber and copper from HMS Victory to commemorate Nelson and the ship itself. The 1765 battleship that was Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in […]

    BREMONT Wright Flyer 1903 – Limited Edition (2in1)

    “If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance.” -Orville Wright- “It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.” -Wilbur Wright- Face completely reworked in photoshop. The first face shows the Original face, the second face […]

    AVI-8 AV-4068-01 Hawker Hurricane – BULMAN CHRONOGRAPH

    AVI-8 HAWKER HURRICANE BULMAN CHRONOGRAPH AV-4068-01 COLOUR: SLATE STEEL BROWN, Model year 2019 In commemorating Paul Ward Spencer “George” Bulman, who was a chief test pilot at Hawker, AVI-8 looks to reflect and pay tribute to behind the scenes efforts of engineers, test pilots, and designers all working with the most critical of briefs, the […]

    Mach Watch Concorde Gmt Valjoux 7754 2in1 V2 C

    Collection Mach Watch, Model Concorde AirSpeed ® GMT ETA-Valjoux 7754, 2in1 silver and black, limited version Unfortunately, very little information is known, I had to adjust to the functions of the Valjoux movement. To make the time easier to read and stopwatch sec function, I added an additional 12h index (Tap = 1). The sub […]

    Bremont Supermarine S302bk GMT 2021

    BREMONT Supermarine S302/BK GMT -2021- [13.21]   The new S302 joins Bremont’s Supermarine Type 300 range, a range that responded to a demand for a professional dive watch in a slightly smaller iteration at 40mm. The vintage aesthetic follows on from its predecessor, the S301, but with added GMT functionality. The burnt orange GMT hand […]

    Bremont Supermarine Chrono GMT Black 2021

    BREMONT SUPERMARINE CHRONO Black 2021 [12.21] Bremont adds its first sports chronograph into the brand’s iconic Supermarine dive collection, a range that has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2009. The unique design and capabilities to withstand extreme conditions have been extensively tested out in the field by elite military squadrons as […]

    Bremont Jaguar E-Type 60th Anniversary 2021

    BREMONT JAGUAR E-TYPE 60th anniversary Limited Edition 120 Box Sets -2021- gray/green 60 pieces each (2in1 Face) [14.21] Bremont x Jaguar: A tribute to the E-Type Bremont has named its chronograph “Jaguar E-Type 60th”. It comes in British racing green (how could it be otherwise?) And cool gray, which also reflects the exact paintwork of […]