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  • AVI-8 SPITFIRE TYPE 300 AUTOMATIC EDITION (AV-4073) 3in1 face in black, blue and gray color

    AVI-8 SPITFIRE TYPE 300 AUTOMATIC EDITION (AV-4073) 3in1 face in black, blue and gray color The New Spitfire Range from AVI-8, this first model is titled the Spitfire Type 300 Automatic Edition, paying tribute to the prototype Supermarine developed in 1934. Inspired by the lines, form and design of the famed WW2 era fighter, AVI-8 […]

    BOLIDO-X CD (2020) Stopwatch and Timer

    The new Bólido X has a rotating bezel that is fully integrated into the housing, which enables the installation of a calculating disk or a countdown timer. The diamond-milled knurling on the side gives the watch a very attractive technical component. Despite significant structural changes, the striking design has been retained. Bólido X CD With […]

    Bremont – Mustang P-51 Chronograph “Fragile but Agile” Limited Edition 2011 (251 pieces)

    Bremont – Mustang P-51 Chronograph „Fragile but Agile“ Limited Edition 2011 (251 pieces) The limited edition Bremont P-51 builds on the interest generated by the very special EP120 Limited Edition. The P-51 is a chronograph chronometer built with original parts from the famous 1944 Mustang WWII aircraft P-51K-10 (serial number 44-12016). The dial and rotor […]

    BREMONT ALT1 – P2 JET Limited Edition 2020

    Bremont announced three new watches on March 17th, 2020: „We’re proud to unveil three new watches, the Limited Edition Bremont Project Possible, the ALT1-C Griffon and the ALT1-P2 JET. Combining the highest levels of engineering and precision with some pioneering individuals who have inspired and tested these watches, we hope you enjoy.“ 2017 marks the […]

    Bremont EP120 SPITFIRE – GMT Limited Edition 2009 (120 pieces)

    The limited edition EP120 watch is named after (and contains parts of) a famous 1942 Spitfire Mk V aircraft, which is possibly the most credited WWII fighter in existence and is now based in Duxford in Cambridgeshire. It shot down 6 German aircrafts on one day during 1942 in WWII, and the aircraft has been […]

    Lilienthal Berlin Chronograph “Meteorite” Limited Edition 2020

    COSMIC DYNAMICS A multiple award-winning design, measuring technology accurate to the tenth of a second and an extraterrestrial sophistication: The chronograph in the limited edition “Meteorite” has a real, very unique piece of meteorite on the dial as a second eye. The matt gray tone of the case and the glow in the dark elements […]

    STOWA Flieger Classic Chrono -handwindig movement- 2012

    STOWA Flieger Classic Chrono -handwindig movement- 2012 A German brand since 1927 Flieger Chrono. Awarded. Reduction. STOWA´s Pilot Chrono deliberately goes without permanent subsidiary second enabling to maintain the original pilot watch design. No doubt, this design innovation helped winning the Goldene Unruh 2012. Available with automatic movement or handwinding movement Valjoux 7753. In DIM Sunset […]

    Zeitwinkel 273° Saphir fumé 2020

    Zeitwinkel is an independent Swiss watch manufacturer that has been producing high-quality timepieces with its own automatic manufacture movements in Bernese Jura since 2006. The brand name is derived from a measure for calculating the “true local time”. Right from the start, Zeitwinkel decided to develop independent solutions for watch movements and product design. The […]

    NSQUARE Propeller N26.6 Automatic (Vought F4U-4 “Corsair”)

    Figure on the face shows a Vought F4U-4 Corsair Aircraft from 1944. In DIM Sunset Mode, the face behaves like DIM off during the day. Exact switching between day and night, only in night mode with Color. Made with Photoshop, encoded in WatchMaker. Have fun with this new Face. Function: Tap = 6 Display unlock […]

    A.Lange & Söhne ZEITWERK MINUTENREPETITION (MINUTES REPETITION) -Ref. LA450016 Model 147.028F- 2020

    White gold with a deep blue dial, Price 449,000.00 Euro !!! The new sound of the time The decimal minute repeater This model was introduced in 2020. The dial is made of solid silver and the time bridge is made of rhodium-plated nickel silver. The hands are made of rhodium-plated gold. The edition, which is […]

    BOLIDO Core -Skeleton 2018 Black Edition

    «Our vision was to create a new breed of watch. One that matches our perception of architectural design and functionality. So intelligently conceived that it can be manufactured 100% in Switzerland at a completely un-Swiss price.» Simon Husslein & Pierre Nobs, founders of Bólido Watch Sàrl. Skeletonized with movable clockwork, in addition, I have installed a Date function. In […]


    The Hawker Harrier “Jump Jet” found service across several air and naval air forces during the latter half of the 20th Century. It represented a breakthrough in aviation design and went on to serve many missions with distinction. To pay tribute to the variants of this famed jet, AVI-8 introduced the latest version of its […]

    Messerschmitt Pilot Watch ME-209 “World speed record”

    MESSERSCHMITT ME 209: Record-breaking 755 km / h – this world speed record lasted for 30 years. On April 26, 1939, Messerschmitt factory pilot Fritz Wendel and his ME 209 V1 (D-INJR) completed a flight at exactly 755.138 km / h……. In DIM Sunset Mode, the face behaves like DIM off during the day. Exact […]

    PRIM Aviatik GMT 93-037-500-42-1 (2019)

    PRIM AVIATIK L.E. 50 PCS Watches and aviation have gone hand in hand for more than 100 years. Particularly during the early times, when measuring the flight duration was vital, watches were indispensable. Even though often planes came with a dashboard clock, a watch was the pilot’s backup timekeeper. The 50-piece limited edition PRIM AVIATIK […]

    Fortis Official Cosmonauts AMADEE-18 Chronograph 2019

    Fortis Official Cosmonauts AMADEE-18 Chronograph 2019 Fortis equips an Austrian-led team with chronographs during simulations of a Mars landing conducted in an Omani desert. Nothing gives a watch credentials like a stint in outer space. Fortis, founded in 1912, has long been associated with rugged pilot’s watches and became part of the official equipment of […]