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  • Formula 1 – Max Verstappen Special Edition 2021 -2in1-

    FORMULAR I „MAX VERTSTAPPEN“ Special Edition 2021 Own design, 2in1 Face „Austria“ and „World Champion“ 2021 [75.21] No.: 174 Max Verstappen wins Abu Dhabi GP 2021 Heartbeat finals in Formula 1! Max Verstappen (24) crowns himself the new world champion in Abu Dhabi. The tension in the last few minutes of the race was hard […]

    Yema Rallye Mario Andretti TucciStyled by Tucci Factory

    Watch Features: Tap 12 for DIM options Tap 6 to start/stop chrono and double tap to reset. Chrono is on the main hands, 12 hours chrono, new code Watch auto locks every minute, double tap center to unlock Once unlocked, tap center again to zoom, tree levels, new code Seconds hand shows battery level in […]