Seiko Pogue Chronograph 61396002 C1970s







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2 thoughts on “Seiko Pogue Chronograph 61396002 C1970s

  1. I wanted to thank you, T.G. Hall, most sincerely, for making the “Seiko Pogue Chronograph 61396002 C1970s” watch face. I was thrilled when I found it! I purchased the Seiko mechanical version (6139-6001) when I was stationed by the US Air Force in Thailand in 1970 / 1971. I purchased the watch through the Pacific Exchange (PACEX). I still have that watch. It runs well. I will not sell it. Now I have a copy of it in digital form for daily use, on a Samsung watch.

  2. Really glad you like it Johnnie. Positive comments, such as yours, makes it all worth while. Cheers to you and the 70’s. 🥃👍⌚

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